About Us

Pritpal Khurana – JoJo

With over 2,80,000 kilometers covered under his wheels, met our most experienced General, fondly called “JoJo” amongst the riders and traveler groups. He has traveled the length and breadth of our Mother land, India, and beyond. With trips spanning in excess of 30 days at a stretch.

When it comes to long Distance Touring in India, JoJo is the man to know. stats are stacked highly in his favor. Unbeatable experience and well-earned riding capabilities. 12 trips to ladakh & Spiti, 3 to Zanskar Valley, 3 All-India Trips, 5 Tours of nepal and a few rides to North east India.

Basically it will be very hard for ou to point out a spot on the map, he has not ridden to. Given his ever cheerful and benign personality, you will be taken care of as well as any other rider and will be considered more a family member than a customer.

You can contact JoJo @ jojo@makemyride.in

Bikram Singh – BIKU

The Mechanical wizard of the group. A True blue motorsport enthusiast who would love to race his Royal Enfield on a Moto GP track given the chance.

Bikram comes with a huge pan India touring experience. He has travelled cross country from Dwarka in the West to Goa, heading all the way down to Kanyakumari. As well as most of central and eastern India.

Residing in Chandigarh, Ladakh is his favorite summer destination. hHe is known for state of the art R&D on everyday problems you could experience while riding long distances. he is the guy to go to when your bike gives that E sharp or 2nd Higher Octave and whatever is a major challenge for all mechanics you know on the planet.

He also helps his family run one of the biggest Tours and Travels Companies of Chandigarh – Pack Travels Pvt Ltd. So expect the professionalism of a corporate travel company mixed in with the hart of a rider and the brain of a genius.

Bikram brings a lot more than just being a Tour manager to our team, and we trust in his knowledge and expertise.

Biku can be contacted @ biku@makemyride.in

Gagan Singh

The youngest, sturdiest & most dependable of them all. gagan does not mind going that extra mile to ensure the comfort of fellow riders. He has ridden on the most treacherous terrains the mighty Himalayas have to offer, and has done it with ease and precision.

He has ridden cross country and covered most of North Western India starting from Punjab, on to Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh. As well as parts of Maharashtra, including Mumbai and Goa. Recently he covered Nepal and is eager to add more destinations to his eer growing list of journeys.

He has been on the saddle for more than a decade and has been riding on all kinds of terrain. gagan loves to throttle it out when possible and take it easy when required. Though a mile-gobbler by his own admission, he also tries to savor the tastes and speciality cuisines of different regions he has been to. That’s why he is one encyclopedia when it comes to the delecacies of every area, as well as best B&B’s throughout the route. he has quite a sweet tooth and is the best guy to lead you to the best bakeries of Old Ladakh.

Being our Lead Rider, he has quite a knack with the tools. Gagan’s philosophy is to wait till he has attended to the last man riding. A natural team player, he has all the ingredients to transform your ride into the ‘Ride of your Lifetime’ and would show those hidden places which you would cherish and recall for the rest of your life.

Gagan is always available @ gagan@makemyride.in